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Delbar Azari is a versatile artist driven by a lifelong fascination with light and color. She has spent hours engrossed in the play of light through chandelier crystals, always captivated by the intricate dance of hues and shadows. Her current artistic journey builds on her innate curiosity, delving deeper into the nuanced interplay of light, color, and translucency.


In her latest body of work, Azari employs a diverse range of reflective, transparent, and translucent materials to craft compositions that are both dynamic and mesmerizing. Each piece is meticulously designed to interact with ambient light and the viewer's perspective, offering an ever-evolving visual experience. The diffusion of light through these translucent mediums imbues her creations with an enigmatic quality, inviting contemplation and evoking a sense of boundless possibility reminiscent of life's myriad potentials and risks.

Delbar Azari’s work fall into the tradition of California’s Light and Space movement. Like Larry Bell and Helen Pashgian, she transforms industrial materials into radiant centers of luminous color.


Azari's academic background includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Tehran and a Master of Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California. This unique blend of artistic intuition and technical expertise enables her to seamlessly translate conceptual visions into impeccably executed works of art, characterized by their precision and finesse.

Picture of Artist at her Solo Show with artwork in the background
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